BYPAD - BYPAD Beginner’s training

Schönaugasse 8a, 8010

2017-07-03 11:00 - 12:00 (UTC)
The aim of this 3 day training is to get to know the BYPAD methodology and tools to support towns, cities and regions increasing their cycling policy. After the training you will be a BYPAD auditor able to conduct BYPAD audits in towns, cities or regions.

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Course provider: BYPAD


  Schönaugasse 8a, 8010

Trainer: Karl Reiter, Julia Zientek


Fee: 600,- Euro

Website: not specified


Name: Veronika Wirth



Course Outline: Through this BYPAD auditor’s training, you will:
•Get to know the BYPAD method
•Get to know the BYPAD tools needed for the application of BYPAD in towns, cities and regions
•Become a member of the BYPAD network of towns, cities, regions and experienced cycling experts
•Become a certified BYPAD auditor authorised to conduct BYPAD audits

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Registration: registration until 1st of June 2017. Send Registration From to Veronika Wirth

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