WRI Cities Hub - Delhi TOD Policy Interpretation

2017-05-29 09:30 - 10:30 (UTC)
Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure (Planning and Engineering) Centre (UTTIPEC), set up by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), launched a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) policy document that was notified by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) in July 2015. Subsequently, DDA has initiated a pilot project, and formulated draft regulations to facilitate the implementation of, and test the policy. This policy will aid equitable and multi-disciplinarian translation of benefits like walkable neighbourhoods, accessible transit, affordable housing, and reduced environmental degradation, to all citizens of Delhi. However, not all users are equipped to understand the details of the policy document as it is a novel concept for Delhi as well as other Indian cities. Thus, an easy-to-use and illustrative guide is needed which can elucidate the details of the policy’s guidelines and regulations in a user-friendly format. WRI India has prepared the TOD Policy Manual, a graphical interpretation of the Delhi TOD Policy and its draft regulations, to bring in a common interpretation language for various stakeholders involved in TOD implementation. The manual has already been complemented with workshops that have helped potential users build their capacities on the subject and mediate existing gaps in the policy.

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Trainer: Prerna Mehta and Neha Mungekar


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Name: Prerna Mehta

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Course Outline: Through this webinar, attendees will learn more about the TOD Manual, build their capacity on Delhi’s TOD Policy, and develop a common and clear interpretational language.

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