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This newsletter of the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) informs about recent developments in the field of transport and mobility.

The Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) is a partnership which aims to help developing world cities achieve their sustainable transport goals through the dissemination of information about international experience and targeted work with particular cities. Newsletter subscribers receive regular updates on activities and projects.

The TRANSfer Project – towards climate-friendly transport technologies and measures – aims to support decision-making in partner countries to develop climate change strategies in the transport sector to be registered as Nationnally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs).

ELTIS is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy and Transport. The project is led by an international team of transport related organisations. The aim of ELTIS is to provide information and support a practical transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of urban and regional transport in Europe. Members receive a regular newsletter informing them about the most important news / services of ELTIS. This newsletter with its direct links reminds you to visit the ELTIS site.

The CIVITAS Initiative helps cities to achieve a more sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport system by implementing and evaluating an ambitious, integrated set of technology and policy based measures.

The Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) pulls together transport research and policy information that has been funded by the European Union or would be of interest to those in European nations. It is aimed at researchers, policy makers and transport professionals interested in „efficient, sustainable and user-friendly transport systems“.

The mission of the Transportation Research Board is to provide leadership in transportation innovation and progress through research and information exchange, conducted within a setting that is objective, interdisciplinary, and multimodal.
The Transportation Research E-Newsletter is a free weekly electronic service designed to keep individuals up-to-date on TRB activities and to highlight selected transportation research related activities taking place at the federal and state levels, and within the academic and international transportation communities.

SUSTRAN-DISCUSS is a discussion forum devoted to people-centred, equitable and sustainable transport with a focus on developing countries (the ‚Global South‘). Sustran-discuss began in 1997 with a focus on Asia but has now become the main English-language discussion forum on urban transport issues in developing countries. The archive of sustran-discuss messages is a rich resource on transport issues in developing countries. They run from 1997 to the present.

Bernie Wagenblast’s Transportation Communications Newsletter is a free daily e-mail publication which provides news and information related to all aspects of communications in the transportation field. This includes a wide variety of topics such as: public and community relations, ITS (intelligent transportation systems), traveller information, outreach, and transportation operations. All modes of transport are included.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. It provides a variety of resources available free at its website to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis. A quarterly newsletter is available.

The discussion group „Cities for Mobility“ serves as virtual basis for the exchange of experience between the city network’s almost 450 member cities and other partners from over 60 countries world-wide. Its main objectives are the dissemination of results produced by the common projects, the maintenance of the personal contacts established in the framework of this network and the exchange of information, experience and know-how related to the field of sustainable urban transportation issues. Initiated by the City of Stuttgart.

The National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) is a resident program at Project for Public Spaces, Inc. NCBW was establishing in 1977, as the Bicycle Federation of America, Inc. NCBW’s mission is to create bicycle-friendly and walkable communities. A summary of NCBW history and activities can be found here.

World Transit Research (WTR) is designed to help public transport practitioners and researchers get easier access to quality research in the field of public transport planning. WTR is a free repository of research papers, reports, research abstracts and links to research findings from leading research journals indexed and searchable to ensure easier access to topics of interest. The site is developed and run by the Public Transport Research Group at the Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University.

Since its foundation in 1983, ECF has had one goal: To promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation. Our roots are in Europe, but the challenges we face are global. We believe the bicycle is a solution to many of the world’s woes. We therefore have an ambition to export both ours and our members’ expertise worldwide.

The aim of the Commission is to promote a mobility that is efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly and to create the conditions for a competitive industry generating growth and jobs. The issues and challenges connected to this require action at European or even international level; no national government can address them successfully alone. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport works in concert with the European Union Member States, European industry, citizens and stakeholders.

Sustainable Transport is ITDP’s annual publication that provides in-depth examination of worldwide transportation practices, showcases replicable alternatives, and highlights the efforts of sustainable transport advocates. Copies of Sustainable Transport are sent to ITDP project partners and funding organizations, and to individuals who support ITDP with a donation of US$ 25 or more annually.

ITDP’s eBulletin is the free news brief that we email to subscribers four times a year. It includes ITDP project updates, policy critiques, advocacy highlights, and event announcements.

A southern African online magazine for policy- and decision-makers in all spheres of government, planners and engineers, and transport users. MOBILITY aims to stimulate debate and lead to improved delivery of accessible, sustainable, reliable, safe and affordable transport systems.

Quarterly newsletter of UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) featuring the latest information from TRL’s research, consultancy, testing and advice activities.

A quarterly newsletter published online (in English and French) by the Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP) – an international partnership to facilitate policy development and related capacity building in the transport sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) publishes three times a year its newsletter and maintains an “e-News” service to provide recipients with a quick insight into a few of the projects and events implemented by partners in the focus countries, international road safety events and publications.

An Email based mailing list has been established by the Universities Transport Study Group (UTSG). The list provides an electronic discussion forum and information resource for researchers in the field of transport primarily, but not exclusively, in the academic community. The aim of the list is to facilitate information sharing, (e.g. news of new research, conferences, seminars and workshops) and to promote links, collaborative working, joint problem-solving and mutual support.

Forum News is IFRTD’s regular newsletter. Each issue explores a particular theme related to rural transport from the perspective of IFRTD’s members

It offers a free, public, flexible discussion space for those who feel that our transport systems need to be, and can be made to be, more sustainable and more just – and who wish to freely exchange ideas and information about it.

This is the Spanish forum for the Sustainable Urban TransportProject. The forum contains postings from news and discussions.

GATNET is a community of practice and public policy program on Gender and Transport, addressing the problems of women, particularly Southern women, facing the everyday reality of gender inequality in the transport sector. is an online resource for sustainable transport news, advocacy and “best practice” solutions from around theworld. It boasts a global network of writers and transport specialists, including engineers, entrepreneurs, urban planners and researchers, who explore environmentally and socially responsible ways to make cities better places to live.

The AK-Verkehr holds an annual conference and is especially dedicated to facilitate networking and exchange between its members. Here fore we created a mailing-list with relevant topics for our members (publications, conferences, job vacancies, etc.).

CITYNET (The Regional Network of Local Authorities for the Management of Human Settlements) is a Network committed to helping local authorities improve the lives of its citizens and create the urban sustainability across Asia-Pacific and beyond.