Request a Course

For courses developed by specific organizations that are mentioned in this website other than GIZ, please look for their contact details in the announcements or own websites. If you are interested in having a training course from GIZ SUTP held in your city/country, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Topic in which the course is requested
  • City/Country where the course would be delivered
  • Local institutions that would support the development of the course
  • Relevance of the course content with existing policies or projects in the city/country

Based on this information, your request will be evaluated and you will receive information on next steps. In general, in order to do a training course you/your institution must have the capacity to:

– Provide logistical support for local arrangements before and during the course;

– Provide physical and other resources for the delivery of the course (e.g. venue, coffee breaks, printing costs, etc);

– Be able to confirm effective participation from government officials for the full duration of the training course.